120 5th avenue (Rental, Brooklyn, NY)

821 Broadway (Office, Union Square NY)

125 Parkside (Rental, Brooklyn, NY)

160 W24th street (Rental, Chelsea, NY)



Meat Restaurant - Crown Heights Brooklyn

50 Greenpoint Ave (Condominium, Brooklyn)

66 Ainslie street (Rental Units, Brooklyn)

101 E.10th street (Rental units, Lower East Side, NY)

1 Executive Drive (Rental, Fort Lee, NJ)

555 Waverly Ave (Rental, Brooklyn, NY)

504 Myrtle Ave (Rental, Brooklyn, NY)

1277 E.14th street (Rental, Brooklyn, NY)

432 E.13th street (Rental, Lower East Side, NY)




500 Metropolitan (Hotel and Residential, Brooklyn, NY)

85 Flatbush Ave Ext. (Hotel and Residential, Brooklyn, NY)

Ridgewood Theater (Rental, Ridgewood, Queens)

Crystal Hill (Club House and Rental unit renovation, Pomona, NY)

252 Albany Ave (Rental, Crown Heights, Brooklyn)




115 Kingston (Rental) Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY

115 Kingston (120 seat Restaurant) Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY

120 Kingston (Rental) Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY

Gantry Park Leasing offices LIC, NY



180 Bainbridge (Rental) Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, NY

815 Broadway (Rentals) Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

416 W.52nd street (Rental) Chelsea, NY

426 W.52nd street (Rental) Chelsea, NY



50 N5th (Rental) resdesign Brooklyn, NY

388 Bridge street (Rental/Condo/PH) resdesign Brooklyn, NY

487 Keap street (Rental) redesign Brooklyn, NY

57 Reade Sreet (Condo) redesign New York, NY



Basil Pizza and Wine Bar Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY

Satec - Offices Union, NJ

224 Wythe Model units Williamsburg, Brooklyn



Mt. Sinai, Doctor Residences New York, NY



50 N 5th Street (Rentals) Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

55 N 5th Street (Rentals) Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

487 Keap Street (Rentals) Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

491 Keap Street (Rentals) Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

220 Water Street (Rentals) DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY

Knickerbocker Mail Store Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

388 Bridge Street Sales Office Downtown, Brooklyn, NY

840 Bergen Street (Rentals) Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NY

55 Bank Street (Rentals) White Plains, NY

The Clark Hotel Los Angeles, CA


333 East 91st Street Condos New York, NY

35 West 21st Street (Rentals) New York, NY

801 Amsterdam Avenue (Rentals) New York, NY

1510 Lexington Avenue (Rentals) New York, NY

06 East 37th Street (Hotel) New York, NY

388 Bridge Street Condos Downtown, Brooklyn, NY

Knickerbocker Retail Complex Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY

Church and Division Condos New Rochelle, NY2006

131 8th Avenue (Rentals) New York, NY

57 Reade Street Condos New York, NY

The Charleston (Condo Sales Office) New York, NY

Harborside Lofts at Hudson Tea (Condos) Hoboken, NJ

Banker Street Lofts (Rentals) Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY

Harman Street Lofts (Rentals) Ridgewood, Brooklyn, NY